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Exterior Blinds

The positives of having exterior blinds anywhere on your home is to reduce the heat and glare from the sun. By doing this, you are effectively cutting costs on cooling the inside of the home. These blinds will also create an outside room on your patio or balcony. Let's face it, Queensland is all about spending time outside and trying to catch those cool breezes. A sunscreen fabric can give you protection from the sun, while still allowing air flow and best of all to retain your view. These blinds can be used on a crank control with clips to hold them down in position. Automatic awnings are another option, these create another dimension to the outside of your windows. Pulled down by a handle with guide rods either side for ease of use. The new 'Zip track' blinds come with fully enclosed channels that make use extremely easy. Motorization takes them to the next level. Imagine pushing a remote control and having your blinds go up and down all together with ease. It doesn't get easier than that!

*Great cooling properties

*reduce the heat and glare

*retain the view

*create an outdoor room