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Interior Shutters

Shutters offer so many options.

Starting with a choice of Australian

made or Imported.

These can be the traditional cedar, Painted basswood or the PVC. Shutters can be made to fit Sliding doors or bi-folds. We can also have them framed to fit in your window. They also look great to close off your bathroom and bedroom areas to create a bit of privacy. These look fantastic and will never date.

The PVC option allows you to put these in the wet areas of your home. They are designed to get a splash of water. 

Painted Basswood are lighter, these allow you to have a wider width to give you a maximum opening size with your panels. Opening up the view.

The standard and most popular size of the blades is 89mm, but other options are available. Our homes in Queensland are perfect for this look. Close them up to create privacy or to block-out the weather or open them up to create that beachy look. Every home should have them!

Suits most windows and doors, These will also outlast most other option. If you do decide to put these in your home, you will have many years of enjoyment and they will last. Maintenance is minimal.

Great warranties on all our products which give you peace of mind on your purchase.

Interior Shutters Interior Shutters Interior Shutters Interior Shutters