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Standard Curtains

Curtains are a great way to personalise your home. Curtains are also one of the best options to create a full sun block-out in your room. Perfect for bedrooms. As fabrics are soft and fold easily, they are very soft and luxurious.

Fabrics are varied, textured block-outs, sheers and linings. Too many to chose. This allows you to totally create a personalised look that suits your own style.They can be bold and stand out or they can blend in with your other furnishings in the home.

Double tracks offer the option of total privacy or to filter the sun. Block-out the light for your Sunday sleep in, then have the sheer to filter the sun in the daylight. These create a feeling of luxury to any room.

Our tracking system that we use 95% of the time is powder coated aluminum. This track blends in and makes a feature of the curtains. It is user friendly and works well in all applications, budget to luxury homes. We do offer a full range of designer tracks if requested, including finials and motorisation.

Fabric suppliers include: Charles Parsons, Gummerson, Basford Brands, Nettex and Warwick fabrics.